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ITE Siemens Circuit Breakers - Frame FJ - 175 Amps

Genuine ITE Siemens Molded Case Circuit Breakers

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Southland Electric carries a large selection of ITE Siemens molded case circuit breakers.   Molded Case Circuit Breaker test results are available upon request.  We specialize in the manufacture discontinued, hard to find, older style circuit breakers as well as current style frames from ITE.  We also have circuit breaker inventory in related brands such as  Imperial, Gould, and Allen Bradley.


ITE Siemens Circuit Breaker - NBG RF


To browse our inventory and purchase ITE circuit breakers online, visit us at Our ITE circuit breaker inventory includes a large selection of  both residential and commercial type breakers. It includes both current production breakers as well as breakers no longer made by ITE.






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