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.5 VA to 500 KVA Dry Type

New Surplus Reconditioned Used Tested Guaranteed Power Transformer


Southland buys and sells and reconditions all makes and models of low voltage transformers. Through intensive asset recovery efforts, Southland gathers general purpose dry type distribution, drive isolation, buck boost and other types of power transformer s.  We stock distribution transformer s with 600 or 480  primary voltage and 240/120 or  280/120 secondary voltages.  Southland sells new and used dry type power transformer s   from all major manufacturers including GE, Square D (Sorgel) Westinghouse, Cutler Hammer, ACME, Federal Pacific and others. Southland also sells new Sola Hevi-Duty power transformer  and distribution  transformer, uninterruptible power supplies and other power quality products.
For twenty years we have supplied new surplus used reconditioned and tested transformer  . Machine tool power transformer   pool and spa as well as HVAC transformer 240-24V. Southland has a huge inventory of almost every type of transformer.  Most transformers ship the same day and large KVA units (up to 500 KVA) are usually in stock. Customers looking for a cost effective low lead transformer can find the right dry type transformer at Southland. All of our power dry type transformer are fully tested and guaranteed. Call 800.476.1486 for all of your transformer needs.


  • General Purpose low voltage Transformers

  • Dry Type Distribution Transformers 600Volts and below

  • Buck Boost Transformers 12 -24 16-32

  • Drive Isolation Transformers (Power Protection Equipment)

  • Constant Voltage Regulators / Power Line Conditioners

  • Specialty Transformers (Lighting/Outdoor/Swimming Pool)

  • Control (Motor Control and machine tool) transformers

  • Single and Three phase applications

  • Shielded

  • Copper and Aluminum _PCB Free

  • UL Listed and CSA Certified (UL 506,1561,1012,1062) (CSA C22.2-47 22.2-66) Other agencies and standards: NEMA ANSI OSHA

  • New Surplus Reconditioned Used Tested Guaranteed

Transformer Categories:

Low Voltage General Purpose (LVGP)
These industry workhorses feature dry type construction and are classified as isolation transformers.

Low Temperature Rise
A high efficiency, low loss design minimizes operating costs.

Energy Star Compliant
Designed to meet NEMA-TP1 standards


Designed to reduce the heating effects of harmonic currents created by solid state loads.

Hazardous Location
Comply with Article 500 of the NEC for Class I, Division 2, Group D locations.

Used for outdoor or designer low voltage lighting. When connected properly, these transformers can be used to raise or lower the supply voltage to match the needs of the load.

Drive Isolation
Designed to handle to the mechanical stresses, voltage demands and harmonics associated with SCR applications.

Industrial Control
The units supply inrush current demands of electromagnetic loads without the secondary voltage dropping below 85% of nominal.


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