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Circuit Breakers are stocked extensively at Southland Electrical.

We Specialize in new Circuit Breakers and hard to find, older style circuit breakers from manufactures such as: Square D, GE, ITE Siemens, Westinghouse, Federal Pacific, Sylvania, Challenger, Fuji, Wadsworth, Heinemann, Asea Brown Boveri, and many more. Our used circuit breakers, are fully reconditioned, tested and are available at a substantial discount.

The Southland Advantages:

  • One of the largest selections in the country of new and reconditioned circuit breakers from all manufactures: ITE, Square D, Westinghouse, General Electric

  • Orders usually ship the same day

  • Test results available upon request

  • Competitively priced

  • Individually inspected

  • Guaranteed for one full year

In addition to our unparalleled collection of vintage circuit breakers, Southland also stocks a large selection of new surplus circuit breakers as well. 

Southland has been in business for over 20 years, building a reputation for quality products at a reasonable price.  Our inventory is far more extensive than what can be represented on our web site, so please give us a call with your specific needs. You may also visit our e-commerce site at . Two decades of good business has given us the Circuit Breaker inventory that you need to get back on line with a minimum of down time.


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ITE Seimens Gould Imperial FJ63b225 e43b100 ed63b100 he63b100 fxd63b200 jj63b400 jl63b400 hj63b400 lj63b600
ITE Siemens Circuit Breakers
square d molded case circuit breaker ma36800 mal36800 lc36400 la36400 ka36250 ka36225 ka36200 fa36100 fa36060 fa36030 fa34100 fa34060 fa34030 fc34100 kc34225 kc34150 kh36225 kh36200
Square D Circuit Breakers
ge general electric f frame j frame k frame spectra series tfj tkm tjj
General Electric Circuit Breakers
westinghouse c series, cutler-hammer, cutlerhammer, cutler_hammer_circuit_breaker,breaker,obsolete,kd3400,jd3200,kb3200,lb3400,la3400,la3600,lc3600,fb3150,fb3125,fb3100,ehb3100,ehb3060,ehb3030,ma3800,nb31200,nc31200,tri-pac,tripac,current_limiting
Westinghouse / Cutler Hammer Circuit Breakers
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Federal Pacific Circuit Breakers