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Southland Electric specializes in low voltage (600V or less) magnetic motor starters and motor contactors in both NEMA and IEC sizes.  We sell new surplus and  professionally reconditioned motor starters and motor starter parts from a wide variety of manufacturers.    Our inventory includes both new and  reconditioned motor starters  by manufactures such as: Allen Bradley, Cutler Hammer, General Electric, Furnas, ITE Gould Siemens, Square D, and Westinghouse. 

Current Inventory Includes:

  • Allen Bradley 500-509, 700-709

  • Cutler Hammer A10 Citation

  • Cutler Hammer Freedom Series AN16

  • Cutler Advantage Line W200, W201

  • Westinghouse A200 Lifeline

  • General Electric CR106 206, 306

  • Square D Type S 8536

  • Furnas 42

  • ITE Gould Siemens A203

Southland also carries a number of motor starters and motor contactors from lesser known manufactures such as: Asea Brown Boveri, Allis Chalmers, Klockner Moeller, Stromberg, Sprecher & Schuh, Stromberg, Sylvania  and Toshiba.

We sell not only complete motor starters, but renewal parts such as contact kits, heater elements and replacement coils.  In addition to supplying replacement parts for older systems, we also build and customize complete motor controls centers.  Southland's 20 years of experience dealing with manufacture discontinued parts and equipment makes uniquely qualified in identifying and finding the motor starter parts and equipment you need.

Southland Electric Advantages:

  • Lower Cost
  • 20+ years of experience
  • Currently stocking hard to find brands such as Asea Brown Boveri, Allis Chalmers, Klockner Moeller, Stromberg, Sprecher & Schuh, Stromberg, Sylvania and Toshiba
  • Both new and reconditioned parts and accessories

Whether you need a heater element or an entire motor control center, Southland Electric should be your first choice for all of your Motor Starter needs.  Call or E-Mail for in depth specifications, product literature and technical support for products purchased from Southland Electric.

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