ITE - Type JL2 Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers ITE Circuit Breakers

Genuine ITE Type JL2

Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Southland Electrical Supply stocks an extensive inventory of surplus and professionally reconditioned ITE circuit breakers. Southland's specialty is discontinued items which are difficult to find at conventional electrical supply distributors.  In our many years we have recovered, reconditioned, and painstakingly organized ITE molded circuit breakers.  These breakers are tested and guaranteed, ready for immediate delivery.

ITE JL2 Three Pole Circuit Breaker

ITE JL2 Two Pole Circuit Breaker

JL2-B225 - 225 Amp 600 Volt 2 Pole Circuit Breaker - Reconditioned
JL2-T150 - 150 Amp 600 Volt 2 Pole  Circuit Breaker Trip Only - Reconditioned

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