ITE / Siemens Circuit Breaker Inventory
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Southland Electric carries one of the largest inventories of ITE and Siemens circuit breakers in the nation.  Our inventory of ITE / Siemens breakers includes both new surplus and reconditioned breakers. Our used breakers have been professionally reconditioned and tested.  The tables below show a partial listing of our current ITE / Siemens breaker inventory. Our complete ITE / Siemens Inventory is now available for sale online at our new ecommerce site

BQCH1B020 E41B040 ED42B060 EE3-B050 FJ3-B070 HFD63B100 JL3-T400 QJH23B150
BQCH1B030 E41B050 ED42B080 EE3-B070 FJ3-B125 HFD63B125 JXD23B225 QJH23B175
BQCH2B020 E41B060 ED43B015 EE3-B100 FJ3-B150 HFD63B200 JXD23B250 QJH23B225
BQCH2B040 E42B015 ED43B020 EF2-B020 FJ3-B175 HFD63B225 JXD23B300 SBH2020
BQCH2B060 E42B020 ED43B030 EF2-B030 FJ3-B200 HHED63B030 JXD23B400 SCJD69400NGT
BQCH2B070 E42B025 ED43B035 EF2-B050 FJ3-B225 HHED63B040 JXD62B200 SCMD69800ANGT
BQCH3B015 E42B030 ED43B040 EF3-A003 FJ3-S225 HHED63B070 JXD62B300 SHK3B120G
BQCH3B020 E42B035 ED43B050 EF3-A005 FJ63B175 HHED63B080 JXD62B400 SJD69200
BQCH3B045 E42B050 ED43B060 EF3-A010 FJ63B200 HHED63B110 JXD63B200 SKM3B600
BQCH3B050 E42B060 ED43B070 EF3-A025 FJ63S250A HHED63B125 JXD63B250  
BQCH3B060 E43A001 ED43B090 EF3-B015 FXD62B225 HJ3-B125 JXD63B300  
BQCH3B080 E43A002 ED43B100 EF3-B030 FXD62B250 HJ3-B150 JXD63B350  
BQCH3B100 E43A003 ED43B125 EF3-B035 FXD63A150 HJ3-B175 JXD63B400  
BQD115 E43A005 ED62B020 EF3-B040 FXD63B150 HJ3-B250 JXD63L400  
BQD120 E43B015 ED62B060 EF3-B050 FXD63B175 HJ3-F400 KM3-F800  
BQD135 E43B020 ED63A003 EF3-B060 FXD63B200 HJ3-T250 KM3-S800  
BQD140 E43B025 ED63A005 EF3-B070 FXD63B225 HJ63B400 KM3B500  
BQD215 E43B030 ED63A025 EF3-L050 FXD63S250A HJ63F400 KM3B600  
BQD230 E43B035 ED63A100 EF3A025 HE2-B020 HJD63B250 KM3B700  
BQD270 E43B040 ED63A125 EH1-B015 HE2-B050 HJD63B400 KM3T500  
BQD3100 E43B050 ED63B015 EH1-B020 HE3-B015 HLD63B500 KM3T600  
BQD320 E43B060 ED63B020 EH1-B030 HE3-B020 HLD63B600 KMB3B800  
BQD325 E43B070 ED63B030 EH1-B040 HE3-B040 HN3T600 KP3-S120  
BQD340 E43B080 ED63B035 EH1-B050 HE3-B060 HNXD63B120 KP3B100  
BQD350 E43B090 ED63B040 EH2-B015 HE3-B070 HP3B100 KP3T100  
BQD360 E43B100 ED63B060 EH2-B020 HE41B015 HP3B160 LJ63B600  
BQD370 E43M020 ED63B070 EH2-B030 HE41B020 HP3B700 LL63B400  
CED63B020 E43S100A ED63B090 EH2-B050 HE43B015 JD23B250 LMD63F800  
CED63B030 E62B020 ED63B100 EH2-B060 HE43B020 JD23B300 LMD63T800  
CED63B090 E63A002 EE1-B015 EH2-B150 HE43B025 JD23B400 LMXD63B600  
CED63B100 E63A005 EE1-B030 EH3-B015 HE43B045 JD3-B400 LMXD63B800  
CFD63B125 E63A040 EE1-B035 EH3-B020 HE43B070 JD63B250 LXD63B500  
CFD63B150 E63B015 EE1-B040 EH3-B025 HE43B090 JD63B400 MXD63B800  
CJ3-B400 E63B020 EE1-B050 EH3-B030 HE63B020 JD63F400 ND63B100  
CLE63B020 E63B060 EE1-B070 EH3-B040 HED41B015 JJ3-B300 ND63B120  
CLF62B125 E63B070 EE1-B100 EH3-B050 HED41B020 JJ3-S400 ND63B120H  
CND63B100 ED21B020 EE1-H015 EH3-B060 HED42B015 JJ63B200 NXD63B120  
CR3-B200 ED21B030 EE1-H020 EH3-B070 HED43B020 JJ63B300 PXD63B160  
E21B015 ED21B040 EE1-H040 EH3-M020 HED43B025 JJ63B400 QJ22B125  
E22B020 ED22B015 EE2-B015 F63B125 HED43B030 JL2-T150 QJ22B150  
E22B050 ED22B040 EE2-B020 F63F250 HED43B035 JL3-B150 QJ22B200  
E23B020 ED22B050 EE2-B040 F63T150 HED43B040 JL3-B225 QJ22B200H  
E23B030 ED22B100 EE2-B060 FD63B100 HED43B045 JL3-B250 QJ22B225  
E23B060 ED23B040 EE2-B100 FD63B150 HED43B060 JL3-B300 QJ23B100  
E23B070 ED23B080 EE2-M050 FD63B175 HED43B070 JL3-B350 QJ23B125  
E23B100 ED23B100 EE3-B010 FD63T125 HED43B080 JL3-T070 QJ23B125H  
E41B015 ED41B015 EE3-B015 FD63T150 HED43B100 JL3-T150 QJ23B150  
E41B020 ED41B020 EE3-B020 FJ2-B100 HED63B030 JL3-T175 QJ23B175  
E41B025 ED41B030 EE3-B025 FJ2-B125 HED63B070 JL3-T300 QJ23B200  
E41B030 ED42B020 EE3-B040 FJ2-B200 HFD63B070 JL3-T350 QJ23B225  

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