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Southland Electrical Supply stocks ITE Hardware Kits. Southland's specialty is discontinued items which are difficult to find at conventional electrical supply distributors.  These connecting kits include copper connectors, mounting brackets, covers, hardware and instructions for mounting breaker(s).  Hardware Kits for ITE breaker panels are in stock and are ready for immediate delivery.


ITE circuit breaker hardware kit

ITE BQCH Single Pole Circuit Breakers

6LL61 - 600 Amp LXD FDB LD HLD HHLD CDP Single
SE6 - 125 Amp ED4 ED6 HED HHED FC1 Twin
SF6D - 250 Amp FD62 FD63 HFD FC1 Twin
5EH2 - 150 Amp EE EH EF HE VB Twin
SQJ - 225 Amp QJ22 QJ23 QJH FC1 Twin
5FJ2 - 225 Amp FJ3 VB Twin
SF6D - 250 Amp FD62 FD63 HFD FC1 Twin
5JJ2 - 400 Amp JD3 JJ3 JL3 HJ3 VB Twin
SJ2D - 400 Amp JD62 JD63 HJD FC1 Twin

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