Discontinued Westinghouse Circuit Breakers
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Westinghouse EHB 3 pole Circuit Breaker

Discontinued Westinghouse Circuit Breakers

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Southland Electric carries a large selection of Westinghouse discontinued molded case circuit breakers.   Molded Case Circuit Breaker test results are available upon request.  We specialize in the manufacture discontinued, hard to find, older style circuit breakers as well as current style frames from Westinghouse.  We also have circuit breaker inventory in related brands such as  Imperial, Gould, and Allen Bradley.

Westinghouse HKA 2 and 3 pole Circuit Breaker





Current Limit-R - Current Limiting Circuit Breakers, Non-Fused Type



Westinghouse Current limmiter EL3 Circuit Breaker

Current Limit-R circuit breakers are designed to protect standard Westinghouse circuit breakers with interrupting ratings as low as 10 kA rms symmetrical on systems capable of delivering fault currents as high as 200kA rms symmetrical.  In such a system, the Current Limit-R main breaker and standard Westinghouse branch breaker closest to the fault operate together to limit the amount of let-through fault current.

These circuit breakers utilize the Westinghouse patented slot motor concept to provide higher interrupting capacities without using fuses.  Current Limit-R circuit breakers are UL listed, meet the NEC definition for a current limiting device, and are the same size as the comparable Tri-Pac circuit breakers.

Westinghouse Current Limiter Circuit Breakers on Our Ecommerce Site

Type EL Limited Module


Tri-Pac - Current Limiting Circuit Breakers, Fused Type


Westinghouse Tri-Pac Circuit Breakers LA 2 and 3 pole

Tri-Pac thermal magnetic circuit breakers provide higher interrupting capacities by utilizing integral current limiting fuses.  These circuit breakers can be used in commercial and industrial distribution systems where fault current may reach as high as 200 kA rms symmetrical.


Compact Tri-Pac circuit breakers are rated from 15 to 1600 amperes and can be applied as main breakers...and as protective breakers for feeder and branch circuits and other connected apparatus.


Overcurrents and low level faults are cleared by thermal action; normal faults cleared by magnetic action; and abnormal faults above an estimated value are cleared by the current limiting fuses.

Westinghouse Tri-Pac Circuit Breakers on Our Ecommerce Site

Type LA


Series C HMCP - Motor Circuit Protectors


Westinghouse Series C HMCP, MCP 3 Pole Circuit Breaker


HMCP motor circuit protectors provide the industry's most effective protection against low level faults.  A 15 ampere HMCP will open all phases and clear a fault less than one cycle - before the fault produces an arching condition that can cascade and cause potentially serious motor damage.


These devices, available in ratings of 150 to 600 amperes, incorporate several Series C Molded Case Circuit Breaker features including quick make - quick break action, dead front safety, trip indication, and proven reliability.


Protection settings are quickly and easily selected by the user and the HMCP will provide protective interruption of any current above the selected setting.


    Westinghouse Series C HMCP Breakers On Our Ecommerce Site,

Type MCP


Mining Service Circuit Breakers - Standard Mining Service, High Interrupt


Westinghouse MAM Two and Three Pole Mining Circuit BreakerThe full line of mining service circuit breakers includes Series C, Standard Mining Service, and solid-state Seltronic line, and the 1,000-volt series.  They are available in frame sizes from 150 to 1,200 amperes.


Series C Mining Service Circuit Breakers provide higher interrupting capacity in smaller sizes, interchangeable trip units within the same frame, an electronic trip unit, plug-in accessories, and precise instantaneous trip settings.  Each series C frame size offers a choice of several interrupting capacities: up to 100 kA at 240Vac, 65 kA at 480 Vac, 25 kA at 600 Vac, and 22 kA at 250 Vdc.






Westinghouse Mining Service Circuit Breakers on Our Ecommerce Site


Type MAM
Type NBM


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