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Southland Electric carries one of the largest inventories of Westinghouse circuit breakers in the nation.  Our inventory of Westinghouse breakers includes both new surplus and reconditioned breakers. Our used breakers have been professionally reconditioned and tested.  The tables below show a partial listing of our current Westinghouse breaker inventory. Our complete Westinghouse Inventory is now available for sale online at our new ecommerce site www.SouthlandElectrical.com.

CA2125 EHB1040 FB3150N HLA3175 JB3100 LA3400PF MCP532500
CA2200 EHB2015 FB4020 HLA3225 JB3150 LA3400PR NB31000
CA2225 EHB2020 FCL3030L HLA3250T JB3200 LA3400S NB31000T
CA3110 EHB2030 FCL3070L HLA3275T JB3225 LA3500 NB31200
CA3125 EHB2035 FCL3090L HLA3300T JKL3090 LA3600 NB3400P
CA3150 EHB2060 HFB1015 HLA3350 JKL3100 LA3600F NB3400PT
CA3175 EHB2100 HFB1020 HLA3350T JKL3250 LB3150 NB3500P
CA3200 EHB3015 HFB1030 HLA3400 JKL3275 LB3200 NB3500T
CA3225 EHB3020 HFB2015 HLA3400F JKL3300 LB3225 NB3600P
CAH2125 EHB3030 HFB2020 HLA3500T JKL3400 LB3300 NB3700P
CAH2200 EHB3040 HFB2025 HLA3500TV JKL3400F LB3350 NB3800P
CAH3100 EHB3050 HFB2030 HLB2150T KA3090 LB3400 NB3800PF
CAH3150 EHB3060 HFB2035 HLB2200T KA3100 LB3400F NB3800T
CAH3200 EHB3070 HFB2040 HLB3125T KA3125 LBB3400N NB3900
CAH3225 EHB3090 HFB2050 HLB3150 KA3150 LC3300 NBM31200
DA2400 EHB3100 HFB2060 HLB3150T KA3175 LC3500 NC31000
DA3250 EHB3100N HFB2070 HLB3175T KA3200 LC3600 NC31200
DA3300 EHB3150 HFB2100 HLB3200 KA3225 LC3600F NC31200F
DA3400 EL3003R HFB3015 HLB3200T KA3225F LC3600WK NC31200WK
EB1015 EL3007R HFB3020 HLB3250T KA3225NW LCG3400 NC3600
EB1020 EL3015R HFB3025 HLB3300 KA3225S LCL3200 NCG31000
EB1030 EL3030R HFB3030 HLB3350 KA3225T LCLG3250F NCG31200
EB1040 EL3050R HFB3035 HLB3350T KB2125 LCLGA3250 NCG31200F
EB1050 EL3100R HFB3040 HLB3400 KB2150 MA2600 PA31000
EB1060 EL3150R HFB3050 HLB3400F KB2200 MA31200FS PA31000T
EB1100 FB2015 HFB3060 HLB3400T KB2225 MA3150T PA31200
EB2015 FB2020 HFB3070 HLC3300 KB2250F MA3300 PA31200T
EB2020 FB2025 HFB3080 HLC3500 KB3070 MA3400 PA31600
EB2025 FB2125 HFB3100 HMA3500T KB3100 MA3500 PA31600T
EB2030 FB3010 HFB3125 HMA3600 KB3125 MA3600 PA32000
EB2040 FB3015 HKA2200T HMA3700T KB3150 MA3800 PA32000F
EB2050 FB3015PL HKA3070T HMA3800 KB3175 MA3800F PA32000T
EB2060 FB3020 HKA3100T HNB31000 KB3200 MA3800NW PA3600T
EB2070 FB3025 HKA3125T HNB31000T KB3225 MA3800SNW PA3800
EB2090 FB3030 HKA3150 HNB31200 KB3250 MA3800T PB31000
EB2100 FB3035 HKA3150T JA2150 KB3250F MA3800TM PB31000PR
EB3015 FB3040 HKA3175 JA2200 LA2600 MAM3800 PB31200PR
EB3020 FB3040PL HKA3225 JA2225 LA3150PR MC3500 PB31400
EB3030 FB3050 HKA3225T JA3125 LA3175PR MC3600 PB31600PRF
EB3035 FB3060 HKB3070T JA3125S LA3175T MC3700 PB32000
EB3040 FB3070 HKB3125T JA3135 LA3200 MC3800 PB32000N
EB3050 FB3070PL HKB3150T JA3150 LA3225 MC3800F PBF32000F
EB3060 FB3080 HKB3200T JA3175 LA3225PR MCP03150 PCC31200
EB3070 FB3090 HKB3225T JA3200 LA3250 MCP0322 PCCG32000
EB3080 FB3090V HKB3250T JA3225 LA3250PT MCP0358 PCF32000
EB3090 FB3100 HLA2225T JA3225N LA3300 MCP13300 RE1020
EB3100 FB3100PL HLA2300T JA3225S LA3350 MCP23480 SPCB31200
EHB1015 FB3110 HLA3125 JB2175 LA3350PR MCP331000R SPCB32000
EHB1020 FB3125 HLA3150 JB2225 LA3400 MCP431550 SPCB33000
EHB1030 FB3150 HLA3150T JB3070 LA3400F MCP431800


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