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Square D Circuit Breakers Square D I Line Circuit Breaker square d panel breakers molded case breakers la36400 lal36400 la364001021 la36350 lal36350 la36300 lal36300 lc36600 lc36450 lc36400 lc36350

Square D Circuit Breakers are important to Southland Electrical that is why we carry one of the largest inventories of Square D I-Line circuit breakers and molded case Square D Circuit Breakers in the nation.  Our inventory of Square D breakers includes both new surplus and reconditioned breakers. If you have a Square D Panel we have the replacement breaker that you need.  Our used breakers have been professionally reconditioned, tested and guaranteed .  The links below show a listing of  Breakers that are used extensively throughout the Electrical industry.  Call or or visit us at our new e-commerce site www.SouthlandElectrical.com for all of your electrical needs.

Square D Circuit Breakers Square D Iline Circuit Breakers ka36250 ka36225 ka36200 kh36250 kh36225 kc34250 kc34225 kc34200 kal36250-25m kal36250-29m ka36250-1021 ka36200-1021


        Square D Circuit Breakers 100 AMP FRAME

        Square D Circuit Breakers 100, 225, and 250 amp Frame

        Square D Circuit Breakers 400,600,1000 AND 1200 AMP FRAME

        Square D P Frames CLASS 675,676  2000-2500 AMPERE

        Square D E Frame Panelboard Breakers E FRAME

        Square D I line Circuit Breakers 100 TO 225 AMP FRAME

        Square D I line Circuit Breakers 250 amp frame

        Square D I line Circuit Breakers 400, 800, and 1200 amp Frames


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