Siemens - Allis  Replacement Contact Kits
 Contact Kits Siemens-Allis Parts

Southland Electric carries replacement contact kits for Siemens -Allis.  These high quality, low cost replacement parts meet or exceed manufacturers' specifications and are stocked for immediate delivery. Call Southland Electrical today or visit our e-commerce site at for fast service, high quality and low prices!


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Siemens Allis - Value Line
Replacement Contact Kits
Siemens Part No. Catalog No. Part No. Description
25-106-922-812 K-C2 K210* SIZE 2, 3 POLE
25-106-923-812 K-C3 K215* SIZE 3, 3 POLE
25-106-924-812 K-C4 K220* SIZE 4, 3 POLE

* Kits Supplied With All Hardware Except Elastic Spring Retainer

Siemens Allis Contact Kit

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Siemens -Allis World Series AC
Replacement Contact Kits
Siemens Allis
Part No.
Type Part No. Description
3TY6 460-0A 3TB46 K230 SIZE 2, 3 POLE
3TY6 480-0A 3TB48 K235 SIZE 3, 3 POLE

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