Westinghouse Motor Control Centers
Westinghouse MCC 2100 & 5 Star Motor Control Center Westinghouse Parts

Westinghouse motor control centers are built with quality and follow the highest engineering guidelines and standards. As with all the other motor control centers sold by Southland Electric our customers can expect the highest quality and the lowest prices.

Southland Electrical offers Custom built and reconditioned motor starters, motor control centers, component upgrades, retrofitting and testing services are available. We instill confidence with over 20 years business experience rebuilding all major brands and vintages of MCC electrical gear.

The Five Star design emphasizes personnel safety and ease of maintenance. Each assembly is wrapped in an enclosure which prevents accidental contact with the enclosed electrical parts.

Westinghouse Motor Control Centers Type W MCC used rebuilt

Type W motor control centers

Westinghouse Motor Control Centers 5 Star, Five Star MCCWestinghouse Motor Control Centers Type 2100 used rebuilt

2100 and 5 Star

2100 & 5 Star Advantage

  • Maximum Ratings:

  • 3 Phase, 60v, 600 HP, 2500A Bus

  • UL Listed

  • Size 1-5 Starter Units

  • Series C Disconnect Device

  • A200 or ADVANTAGE Starters

  • Tin-Plated Copper Stab Assembly

  • Upgradeable to ADVANTAGE

  • Solid State

  • Communication Capability

  • Reduced Coil Wear

  • No Heater

  • Smaller Size

  • Built-in Over-Current and Ground Fault Protection



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