THFK236F000 - 225A 600V 3P (25KAIC) Frame Only - Reconditioned
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Southland Electrical Supply carries a large selection of General Electric molded case circuit breakers and associated products including the THFK236F000.  Southland's extensive inventory of GE Circuit Breakers and related equipment is now available Online at

THFK236F000 - 225A 600V 3P (25KAIC) Frame Only - Reconditioned

THFK236F000 - 225A 600V 3P (25KAIC) Frame Only

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600 Volt (2 Pole) (25KAIC)F225 Line Circuit Breaker Frame Only- Reconditioned - GE Catalog # ( THFK236F000 )

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May 11, 2007
Call For Availability - 1-800-476-1486
Manufacturer: General Electric
Weight: 14 LBS
List Price $2,687.00
 Catalog Number THFK236F000
Warranty: Each THFK236F000 goes through an extensive reconditioning program. It is then tested and guaranteed under Southland Electrical Supply's one year warranty. Click here to review our warranty.

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