Cutler Hammer Motor Control Centers 11-300
  Cutler Hammer Parts Motor Control Centers


Westinghouse introduced the 11-300 in 1937 and the product was available until 1974. Southland offers replacement starter units and other parts to keep your motor control centers working like new with  upgraded parts.

  • Maximum Ratings:

  • 3 Phase, 600v, 400HP, 2500A Bus

  • UL Labeled

  • Size 1-5 Starter Units

  • Series C Disconnect Device

  • Freedom or ADVANTAGE Starter

  • Tin-Plated Copper Stab Assembly

  • Upgradeable to ADVANTAGE

  • Solid State

  • Communication Capability

  • Reduced Coil Wear

  • No Heater

  • Smaller Size

  • Built-in Over-Current and Ground Fault Protection


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