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Cutler-Hammer KD3225 *link will take youto our online store
Type:  KD3225 Poles:  3 Amps:  225 Voltage:  600

               KD3225,Cutler-Hammer/Westinghouse circuit breaker*Click here for all Cutler Hammer KD Circuit Breakers at our online store

KD3225 Product Details
Manufacturer:  Cutler-Hammer Amps:  225
Item Name:  KD3225 Poles:  3
Type:  Cutler-Hammer/Westinghouse Voltage:  600
Thermal Magnetic  circuit breaker with interchangeable trip


KD3225     Condition
Each KD3225 is Reconditioned, tested and guaranteed under Southland Electrical Supply's one Year warranty. *Actual KD3400  Breaker and vintage may differ from one pictured above



KD3225     Warranty
Each KD3225 goes through a extensive reconditioning program.  Then it is covered under our one year warranty.  Click here to review our warranty.



Cutler Hammer/Westinghouse Thermal magnetic Circuit Breakers with interchangeable trips are stocked extensively at Southland Electrical Supply . The C Series Circuit Breakers provide circuit protection for low voltage distribution systems.  These Breakers protect conductors against overloads and short circuits in uses such as motors and motor starters.  Standard Interrupting capacity 600 volt AC rated 35kAIC at 480v Ac

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